A Real Curly Dream...

Hello! My name is Tessa Holmes owner and creator of Small Town Curls. I have spent years researching and creating a product that has brought so many to love and embrace their natural hair. I have tried so many products myself and spent so much on products that just didn't work. I am excited to share with you what has been called the "real curl cream" from many curly women and men. My number one goal is to continue to create quality products that you can trust with your everyday hair routine. I want my products to appeal to the ones who have a hard time loving their natural self and for them to use them and see themselves for whom they are BEAUTIFUL.

  • Natika

    "The Amount of shine my hair has! I've been struggling to have shine in my hair and one use of this! Like I have no words!!"

  • JB

    "I used small town curls, curl cream and let me tell you I was impressed. The consistency is a little thick so you don't need much- which I love! The hydration it gave my hair (much needed) was beyond what I was expecting! It smells amazing and my hair looked so moisturized. I could tell my wash was about to be lit!!"

  • Brandee

    "I've tried dozens of products over the past 5-6 years and this is hands the best! Not too heavy, my hair isn't hard and the slip is amazing. Get you some small town curls ASAP!"

  • Sara

    "I am not being dramatic at all when I say this. This is the best curl cream I've ever tried!"